Electro-pop-progressive Band


About Us

Ediptix is band that can be qualified of electro pop ambient.

Electro of course since played nearly exclusively on electronic devices (numerical and analogical synthesizers, samplers, VST…).

Pop because our inspiration is regularly based on music we were listening during 80’s, a kind of easy listening.

Ambient with regards to our progressive and « planing » approach inviting to dream.

A band, indeed we are 2 friends starting this musical experimentation.

One ancient keyboard involved in progressive rock bands and a DJ, both enlightened amateurs. Animated by similar inspiration we do not limit our experience to well defined style and have no barriers. We progress according our « humours ».

The idea to set-up a band becomes real after a Jean-Michel Jarre concert (October 2016). End of year festivities beyond us we slowly set-up our band called EdiptiX.

Je dois dire qu’après plusieurs écoutes de votre album, on se laisse facilement embarquer par votre Flow et on a toujours hâte d’écouter le morceau suivant. Franchement, c’est bien ce que vous faites. Un mélange de Air, Mike Oldfield, Jarre qui ne laisse pas du tout indifférent !

A propos de Make Your Life A Journey : Au début, ça m’évoquait Kraftwerk et le morceau Neon Light en particulier.

Musique électronique, expérimentale et ambiant. [Radio Rectangle].

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