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Hommages (EP)



Burns (EP)

Burns is a song that has been made in a few hours in order to offer a tribute to Robert Burns during a Burns Night (my first one).

This version has been made on Roland D-50 in a couple of record-takes and DRM1 played manually.

Text from Robert Burns poem.


2018 Album

Analog Exploration Of A Curiosity Cabinet


Tracks :

  1. Overture
  2. Funkytar
  3. Digi Door
  4. A New Start
  5. Airplane
  6. Rack Timer
  7. Micron Phone
  8. Entourloop
  9. Amélie Requiem
  10. Slowneliness
  11. Violins Rain
  12. Odd Syn
  13. A New Start (instrumental)

May 2018 Single


This track has been made during the Operation Fingers Out (initiative launched by PV Nova).

The cover has been made by Céline Thiry.

More information soon,

2017 Album

Breack The Silence


Tracks :

  1. The Awakenning
  2. Warhammer
  3. Make Your Life A Journey
  4. Le Rêve
  5. Children
  6. My Dear Ducky
  7. I Think You
  8. Breack The silence

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