Electro-pop-progressive Band


DRM1, analog drum sound-design

The DRM1 (original one from Music & More) is more a 8 basic analogue synth engine that a drum box. There is no sequencer within but a full sound-design capability for each of the 8 independent lines. We really like it and try to include it in songs, either for drums...

Mininova (Novation)

Much more that a nice toy.   The MiniNova has all the fun capabilities you can expect from a toy, including size and price (compared to other synth I mean). But it's clearly a very good sound engine. Quality and edition capabilities are very good. We use the MiniNova...

BR 80 (recorder)

The Boss micro recorder is not just a stereo recorder. It's also a multi-track recorder. Ok, this is not the right tool to record a full song and does not replace Zoom R16 / Cubase. However it's very interesting when you are on the road and would like to draft an...

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